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August 26, 2016


With all 3 Founders of Mamas Lemons being Mamas with Melanin, It is only right that we recognize and honor Black Breastfeeding Week (August 25-31)! No matter what race you are, we hope that you will take a moment to honor it as well and spread the word! It takes a village, and part of that is loving people enough to educate them and bring new ideas their way! Every mama deserves to try breast feeding and moreover, every baby deserves to as well! Join us in spreading the love for breastfeeding to the black communities and to all breastfeeding mamas everywhere!

We know not everyone has success with breastfeeding, but we do believe it is pretty much a super power that ALL women of ALL races should feel empowered to do and we support the need for a week dedicated to black women to remind black women, you have magic and YOU CAN DO IT!

Often times a major reason women don’t choose breast feeding is because of lack of knowledge on the importance of it, lack of education on how to do it and lack of support from the community surrounding that mama and baby. Let’s change that together!

To learn more about the week be sure to read thru the end of the post and visit the website provided below.

This week we want to spotlight the beautiful Mama Summer Hutchins! She is a black mama and a breastfeeding advocate who has an amazing story about how a some what negative experience birthed her business which now today advocates breastfeeding for mamas.

Meet Summer:

How many kids do you have?

1 son, 22 months

What do you think your strength is as a mother?

Patience. Before our son I had zero patience. Surprisingly, this little man has brought so much peace and patience into my life. I’m now realizing that there is so much more to life and I see things in a much larger picture.

What do you think your weakness is as a mother?

Trying to do it all and not wanting to ask for help as it would seem unjust.

What’s your favorite part about motherhood?

Watching this little human grow and learn. It’s amazing what he knows and how fast he picks up things.

What’s one of your fondest memories as a mom?

Every moment big or small have been significant. I knew from the start that he would grow up so fast. I made it my business to live in each in every moment.

What’s something you admire about other moms you know/follow?

I admire those moms that can actually do it all. I know moms with far more children than myself. They are working moms and they literally do it all.

How do you balance all of your mommy/wifey lemons/business lemons?

I just do what I can. I no longer stress about not getting the dishes done or doing laundry. I’m only one person. I need to be healthy, get rest, and eat well. I can’t take care of my family if I’m unhealthy and falling apart. I try to only work on the major aspects of Bebe Nourri when our son is sleeping. He deserves my undivided attention.

What advice do you give other moms?

Don’t worry about what other moms do or how they raise their children. Do what you think is best for you and your family. Never compare yourself or your life to anyone else’s. Your life is uniquely yours.

How did your business come about?

I breastfed my son for one full year. After which family members told me that he was too old to continue breastfeeding. I started to feel ashamed so I stopped. My son cried a lot and patted my chest because he wanted milk. I instantly felt like a horrible mom for allowing others to dictate my actions. I was already super crafty, coming off the heels of making everything for his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed 1st birthday party. I decided to make him a shirt with Bebe Allaité (French for breastfed baby) on it, celebrating my choice to feed my son naturally. From there I thought it would be a great idea to promote breastfeeding through t-shirts, hence opening my infant & toddler clothing business Bebe Nourri (French for Nourished Baby).


What inspires your designs?

My toddler definitely inspires my line. As he grows I come up with new designs that are often inspired by things he’s doing or has said. I love it when another mothers says, “my child does that too” it’s kind of bonding.

What are your favorite pieces?

All are my favorite. Literally every time I come up with a new design, it then becomes my favorite.


Tell us more about you being a breast feeding advocate?

I advocate for breastfeeding every chance I get. Randomly speaking to new moms anywhere at anytime. I currently have a breast fed baby and breastfeeding mom tee. I would love to partner with breastfeeding bloggers and organizations in the near future. My goal is to partner with an organization to promote awareness and donate a portion of the proceeds from the sell of these tees.

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Thank you so much Summer for sharing your story with us and for inspiring such a key part of life with the world thru your adorable Ts!


Black Breastfeeding Week was created because for over 40 years there has been a gaping racial disparity in breastfeeding rates. The most recent CDC data show that 75% of white women have ever breastfed versus 58.9% of black women. The fact that racial disparity in initiation and even bigger one for duration has lingered for so long is reason enough to take 7 days to focus on the issue, but here are a few more:

Top Five Reasons We Need A Black Breastfeeding Week

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